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I’ve been building websites for thirteen years. I live in Charlotte, NC and telecommute full-time as a Web Developer at SoFla Web Studio. I enjoy building usable and beautiful websites using standards compliant code and creative ideas.

Treadmill mod – add tech to your work-out

Working out is boring. Running on a treadmill is especially unbearable. If you pay a monthly membership for that privilege, you’re probably accustomed to some high-tech machines with gadgetry to keep you occupied. But if you exercise at home and are on a budget, maybe your cheapo treadmill could use some more bells and whistles […]

Where is the Wall-PC now?

The Wall-PC no longer lives in my office, as I have found it better suited for other tasks in our new house. I run a network of software Squeezeboxes (home music servers) in my house and the Wall-PC made a perfect wifi Squeezeplayer in our new finished basement. The Wall-PC displays the current album art, […]

I’m married!

Emily and I tied the knot at The Point Lake and Golf Club in Mooresville, NC on Friday July 31st. What a terrific rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and after-party. Thanks to everyone that helped make our very memorable day happen! Photos of the event are being uploaded to Facebook and Flickr.

How my iPhone helped me lose 40 pounds in 4 months

Everyone looks for an edge when dieting and trying to lose weight. There are more gimmicks and ridiculous diets out there than I could name, but if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch there are simple things out there that can greatly enhance working out and dieting. The first day of the year I […]

A quick, easy, and hilarious office email prank

Sometimes the office can get boring and you need to mix it up a bit. This prank is very quick and (relatively) safe. The gag is to fool a co-worker into thinking you have sent a very inappropriate reply to one of their emails and accidentally copied in (replied to all) one or more of […]

Virtual Team Building Event with Left 4 Dead

Recently, I was lucky enough to take part in an innovative office team building event at Sofla Web Studio. The event took place on Friday the 13th and featured an appropriate zombie theme. We utilized a popular online cooperative team game called Left 4 Dead for the exercise. Working together and planning strategies to blast […]

Never replace your pets ID tag again

Many people move around to different addresses, and change their phone numbers multiple times throughout the lives of their pets. Updating your pets ID tag every time you move or change numbers can be a pain and if you somehow forget to update it, there could be very costly circumstances when Rover runs away. Thankfully, […]

Custom self-contained hanging Wall-PC

Where is the Wall-PC now? I had an old Sony Vaio laptop lying around collecting dust and my choice was either to sell it on Ebay or think of something creative to do with it. I chose the creative route because that’s certainly more enjoyable than putting together an Ebay listing, for me at least. […]

My custom iPod car dock

Almost two years ago now, I installed a DLO Homedock deluxe in my Jeep Liberty. This dock was designed for home use only, but I thought it could be the perfect dock for car integration. It would power on/off with the ignition, remember where you last left off listening or viewing, keep the iPod charged, […]

Mobile blogging on iPhone.

I am testing the viability of mobile blogging. I have already noticed some limitations the most obvious one being the touch screen keyboard on the iPhone. I am using the free WordPress app from the app store. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a Delete Post option. Also, there doesn’t seem to […]