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I’ve been building websites for thirteen years. I live in Charlotte, NC and telecommute full-time as a Web Developer at SoFla Web Studio. I enjoy building usable and beautiful websites using standards compliant code and creative ideas.

Going Green? Wasteful Packaging.

Online retailers are quickly becoming notorious for the most wasteful practices when it comes to packaging. What is the reason for this? My guess is that retailers like, Dell, Staples, etc. have a standardized packaging system. I am assuming their system uses a very limited number of box sizes like a Small, Medium, Large, […]

What to blog about?

I plan to blog primarily about web development techniques, tips and tricks. I will also write about my latest projects, mainly gadget related, and about news in the tech industry. There may also be some political or social commentary dropped in when I feel the need. I will not blog about my daily life,  although […]

Website Redesign, Finally!

I have reluctantly decided it is time for me to embrace the ‘new’ social web. When the term ‘blog’ was first coined, I never thought I would end up creating or writing my own blog. At the time, maybe around 2004, I thought it was a fad and it would never really hit mainstream. In […]